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Power Supplies / Rectifiers

Power Supplies / Rectifiers

A DC power source is required to operate any plating or anodizing operation.

Some of our customers manage to plate using a 6 or 12 volt battery, or charger, and bulbs as a current control. This article explains a variety of low cost ways to obtain and control your plating power requirements.

However these rectifiers, designed specifically for the job, will enable the experienced plater to reach very tight tolerances and controls, and are much more convenient than the bulb method.

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    For Titanium Anodizing. Provides a high voltage, low amperage DC current Features SMD adhesive sheet element technology for internal pcb construction Attractive yellow large LCD display Built in cooling fan Multiloop high precision voltage...

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    25 Amp Plater/Stripper This 25 amp unit features a polarity- reversal switch and extra output terminals to speed between stripping and plating jobs. Especially useful when plating auto accessories. 0 -12 Volts d.c. 0 -25 Amps d.c. Continuously...

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    5 Amp Constant Current Rectifier Ideal for small anodizing runs, small plating jobs. Will anodize parts up to 1 sq ft. Will nickel & copper plate parts up to 70 sq in. Specifications: Input Voltage: 110VAC 50/60Hz Output Voltage: 1-20 VDC ...

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    Buy 3 Units, Get the 3rd Unit Half Price 3 Amp Constant Current Rectifier Constant current/voltage power control This new system has the latest technology for small plating and anodizing operations. The constant current control is...

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    10 Amp Plater This precision built rectifier provides enough power for all plating needs. 0 - 12 Volts d.c. 0 - 10 Amps d.c. Continuously variable output control 5 way output terminals 17 lbs. 12"W x 7"H x 6"D  

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  • RECTIFIER - 12V/500A - 220V 3 PHASE

    500 Amp Rectifier DC Output: 500 amperes 0-12 volts AC Input; 3 phase either 220 volt or 440 volt Cooling: air cooled Control: manual powerstat Metering: analog dc ammeter and voltmeter Ripple: 5% or less at any setting Cabinet: approx...

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    25 Amp Plater Our most popular model. This heavy duty unit will plate larger items. The extra amperage comes in handy for quick electro stripping. 0 - 12 Volts d.c. 0 - 25 Amps d.c. Continuously variable output control 5 way output terminals...

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    250 Amp Rectifier DC Output: 250 amperes 0-12 volts AC Input: 110 volt 1 phase 60 hz Cooling: air Control: manual powerstat Ripple: 5% or less at any setting Metering: analog dc ammeter and voltmeter Cabinet: plastic approx 16" high x 27" wide x...

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    60 Amp Plater Ultra-high output plating unit for the most demanding plating jobs. 0 - 12 Volts d.c. 0 - 60 Amps d.c. Continuously variable output terminals 60 lbs. 18.25"W x 10"H x 10"D  

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  • RECTIFIER 0-30A, 0-32V

    30 Amp, 32V Constant Current Rectifier Best for anodizing. 32V allows for increased current densities and shorter anodize times Features: Output Voltage: 1-32 VDC Adjustable Output Current: 1-30A Ripple And Noise: 5mV r.m.s. Line Regulation:...

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