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Black Krome Plating Kits

Black Krome™ Kit

Black Krome

This spectacular product will add style and elegance to many products. Safe to use. Contains no chrome or nickel.

Ideal for vehicle trim, guns, musical instruments, fishing lures, etc.

The system plates within a couple of minutes over a nickel or copper base. To plate over chrome, the existing chrome plate must be removed by stripping with Anodize & Chrome Stripper.

Black Krome™ can be plated by brush plating or by an immersion technique.

Black Krome will plate over Nickel, Copper, Steel, Tin & Lead.

For brush plating, a 4.5 volt power supply and a stainless steel wand is required. Immersion plating requires 0.24 amps per square inch at 3-7V.

For tank (immersion) plating, the solution is best used at 140 deg f, using a stainless steel anode. Because the plate is derived from the solution and not the anode, the solution will need to be replaced periodically.

When plating over nickel, the color will have a metallic smoky black look, whereas over copper, a darker black will be achieved.

The finish should be waxed with Collinite Insulator or Metal Wax, or clearcoated.

Black Krome