Permalac Lacquers

PERMALAC is a crystal clear, durable, air-dry coating clear coat that protects all exposed steel & metal from corrosion from the effects of UV, salt water air, wind, sand, sun, acid rain, dog urines, etc. It will protect exposed metal from corrosion for up to 8 years for indoor metals & 5 years for outdoor metals. It is a DTM (direct-to-metal) clear coat and functions equally well if used over or under other coatings. Its proven reliability has been tested in countless field applications from special architectural finishes, to automotive (or motorcycle) trim, to marine hardware, lighting fixtures, bronze sculptures, to stainless steel signage...

PERMALAC always achieves superior results.


  • Permalac NT - Ultra-Low VOC Clearcoat

    Permalac NT - Ultra-Low VOC Clearcoat

    We've taken Permalac Original & made it even better!  Introducing Permalac NT Permalac NT Clear Coat is a Direct-to-Metal ultra-low VOC Clear Coat that meets the rigorous performance requirements of the Green Seal standards...
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  • Permalac NT Copper Matte

    Permalac NT Copper Matte

    Permalac NT Copper Matte is available in either 1 quart cans or a 4 quart bundle. This color is good to go over roofs & such to make them look like copper or match other copper items while protecting the metal surface. It is only available in Matte...
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  • Permalac NT Opaque Black

    Permalac NT Opaque Black

    Permalac NT Black is a fast-drying, easy-to-apply acrylic lacquer coating. It is an opaque tinted, low VOC formula which lays down similar to a paint. Permalac NT Black is highly resistant to environmental breakdown caused by UV, acid rain, and salt. ...
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  • Permalac Transparent Colored Lacquers

    Permalac Transparent Colored Lacquers

    We have added some transparent/translucent colors to our Permalac line that are meant to be applied over light colored steel or metal for special effects. These products still offer the 5/8 years of protection against corrosion on all steel & metals...
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