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Copy Chrome Plating Kits

Copy Chrome™ Kit

Improved More Complete Kit - New, Bigger Sizes
Looks Like Chrome
Hard Like Chrome - Tougher Than Nickel!
Keeps Its Shine - Just Like Chrome!
No Dangerous Chemicals - No Fumes - No Corrosive Acids
One coat system - eliminates 2 steps!

Larger Anodes – give more plating, with more even results 
Plates up to 60 sq ft of Copy Chrome™
Simpler Instructions

Copy Chrome™ is a SIMPLE plating kit that provides almost all the benefits of chromium plate - without all the hassle! The entire plating process takes the same time as our regular nickel plating kit, 15 minutes for indoors decorative, 30 minutes for tools, 1 hour for tough outside jobs! 

The Copy Chrome™ process is ideal for all your small items such as door handles, brackets, hinges, nuts & bolts, stamped steel covers, etc. It can be applied to:- steel, copper, brass, bronze, old nickel plate, and with the aid of Zincate Primer, aluminum. 

All instructions and operating procedures are detailed in the Caswell Plating Manual. Each anode will plate about 32 sq. ft of surface area at 0.0005" before it needs to be replaced. The solution is virtually permanent. No waste chemicals or dangerous fumes are produced.