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Tin Electroplating Kits


Ideal for model Tin-ware Trains, antique tin-ware, Cooking Utensils, Electronics, Buss Bars, Tools and much more

Tin is a very commonly used metal for the protection of steel. It is used extensively in the food trade because of its non-toxic qualities. Tin is a bright, shiny material, and has excellent soldering capabilities, making it ideal for all electrical connection applications.

Caswell's Tin Plating kit will plate directly over, copper, steel, brass, bronze. Other 'difficult' metals such as pot metal, will require a coat of Flash Copper™ first.

Average thickness is typically 0.0002-0.0003” (0.0001” in 10 mins)

Setup involves mixing 2 quarts of battery acid into 3.5 quarts of distilled water, then adding one quart of Tin Concentrate and one pint of Tin Activator. Triple these quantities for the 5.25 gal kit.

The Caswell Tin Plating System is a stable bath, which deposits a leveled, brilliant plate with excellent soldering capabilities. It has a wide operating range in regard to concentration and operates well with low tin concentration.