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Silver Tank Plating Kits

Silver Plating Kits

Silver Plating Kit

Caswell Silver is a new type of alkaline cyanide free silver plating solution that will plate over nickel, sterling silver, gold, rhodium, copper, brass and bronze. The system will provide uniform color consistency and even coverage.

It is important when silver plating to realize what type of finish is required on the part. If a highly polished surface is required, the part must be buffed to a high shine before plating. If a matt finish is required, then the part should be beat blasted or buffed with something like a Scrubber wheel.

In our tank plating systems, pure silver will be deposited on the part in 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of plate required. The system uses approx 2-6 volts and 1 amp per 16 square inches. The system operates at room temperature, so no heater is required.

Our cyanide free silver solution plates substantially faster than cyanide silver and with superior adhesion to cyanide silver. It plates with a brilliant white color. The bath is operated at room temperature.

The steps to acheive a brilliant silver finish are:

  1. Buff & Polish
  2. Degrease & Rinse
  3. Acid Activate (with battery acid, not supplied)
  4. Plate with Flash Copper (Steel, Pot Metal & Pewter only)
  5. Plate with Silver
  6. Acid Activate
  7. Treat with Silver Conditioner (prevents tarnishing)

Potassium Hydroxide is used to raise the PH of the solution when required. The system must be maintained at a PH of 8.8-9.5.

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