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Videos & Tutorials

Video Clips

Here are some video clips that help explain how to use some of our kits and products. 


Triple Chrome Plating

Anodizing Aluminum

Using Plug N' Plate Kits

Using Flash Copper

Using Sanding Drum Kit

Polishing Aluminum

Chrome De-Plating Using A Wand

De-Plating Using The Immersion Technique

The Waterbreak Test

Using Black Oxide System

Using Silversmith

Nickel Plating



These tutorials were created to help explain some common plating principles. Please note that these are converted Flash interactive files. The video version below will proceed automatically. The buttons do not work.

Tutorial 1 - How To Electroplate

Tutorial 2 - Understanding Anode Placement

Electroless Nickel Plating Tutorial

Online Tools

Surface Area Calculator

Power Supply Calculator

LCD Anodizing 720 Rule Calculator