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Electroplating Kits

  • Electroless Nickel Mini Kit (5 Pint)

    Read Our Electroless Nickel Tutorial Here So Simple - Just Like Boiling an Egg Mix Chemicals Into Included Glass Lined Tank, and place on stove top or hot plate. Includes Thermometer The Ideal Way to Plate Small Parts - Easily - Economically -...

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  • Hard Chrome Plating Kit - 1 Gal

    Hard Chrome Plating Kit Chrome plating can be used for two purposes: Hard Chrome Plate Usually used to build up shafts or areas on steel that are subject to severe wear. The hard chrome plating process can take several hours to build up. The procedure...

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  • Nickel Electroplating Kit - 1.5 Gal

    Improved More Complete Kit - New, Bigger Sizes Learn How To Nickel Plate Using This Kit With Our New E-Class - Now Available Enroll In Our E-Class For Free When You Purchase A Nickel Plating Kit* Read More About Our E-Class Here - $99.00 Accessory...

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