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Acid Copper / Electroforming Kits

Bright Acid Copper Plating Kit

Our new and improved copper plating system now gives constant bright copper plating, that requires little to no polishing after plating.

For the restorer, copper plating must be one of the most useful repair tools there is. By applying layers of copper, and sanding between applications, an incredibly smooth surface can be quickly built up, covering scratches and minor pits caused by corrosion.

The system will plate at 0.0005" - 0.001 (1 mil) per hour at 10-30 Amps/Sq Ft. More extensive repairs can be made by the use of a soldering iron and solder, which can be simply melted into the pits and sanded flat. A final layer of copper plate to seal over the solder filler can then be buffed and polished to a high quality luster. The successive layers of nickel and chrome plate applied to this type of quality substrate, will ensure a 'show quality' finish.

Copper can be used to 'electroform', making complete objects from pure copper, by simply making a mold from wax & conductive powder, copper plating the mold, then melting the wax. Copper can also be formed over lead molds, and the lead melted away afterwards. This has some applications for the person wishing to reproduce decals. Copper plating requires 0.07 - 0.2 amps per square inch of part surface area. Higher current gives faster plating times. The system plates at 70°F-90°F.

1 pint of automotive battery acid is required per 1.5 gallons of copper plating solution.

The copper plate can be applied directly over brass, copper or nickel, but cannot plate directly onto steel, pot metal, zinc or aluminum. There are no cyanides in this kit, and its operation creates no waste chemicals or dangerous fumes. To plate directly onto Steel, Pot Metal, Zinc Die Cast or Lead, use our Flash Copper™ Kit.

The solution can be considered a permanent fixture. The anodes are sacrificial and each supplies sufficient metal to plate approx. 20 sq. ft @ .001". Additional anodes can be ordered separately.

The new part A & B brighteners are used for initial bath makeup. Occasionally adding very small amounts of copper brightener part B will ensure bright, smooth results. Actual consumption of part B is 4oz per 250 amp hours.