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Anodizing Kits

Caswell Anodizing Systems


  • Hardcoat Type III Anodizing System

    Hardcoat Type III aluminum anodizing is a coating frequently found on firearms and aircraft parts. It is a much thicker and harder coating than a standard anodize coating, and is not usually dyed.  Standard dyed Type II anodize is generally around 0.75...

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  • Standard Anodizing Kit

    Standard Anodizing Kit

    A revolution in Small Scale Anodizing!   Provides a durable anodized surface - which can easily be dyed. Simple to operate - Predictable consistent results Low Current Density means – Inexpensive power source Low Current Density means –...

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  • Titanium & Niobium Anodizing Kit

    Titanium & Niobium Anodizing Kit

    Titanium, Niobium and Other Reactive Metals Anodizing System Titanium and Niobium can be anodized to create a myriad of colors, rainbow effects and other creative colored patterns simply and easily with our kit. The metal is cleaned with the included...

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