The 720 Rule For Anodizing

The 720 rule allows anodizers using our LCD (Low Current Density) anodizing method to input variables such as time, current density or desired anodized layer thickness and solve for the other paramters.

The 720 Rule is 720=ASF x minutes / mils

720 Rule Calculator

  Surface Area     In2  
  Thickness     mils (0.1-1)  
  Current Density     Amp/Ft2  
  Set Current     Amp  
  Time     Minutes  
  Peak Voltage     Vdc  

Based on GramSlam's excel sheet for 720 rule calculations.

To use, simply supply values for the first four numbers. The last three numbers will be calculated as you type. You can specify the surface area in either square inches or square feet.

Calculated values are rounded to two decimal places.