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Power Supplies / Rectifiers

Power Supplies / Rectifiers

A DC power source is required to operate any plating or anodizing operation.

Some of our customers manage to plate using a 6 or 12 volt battery, or charger, and bulbs as a current control. This article explains a variety of low cost ways to obtain and control your plating power requirements.

However these rectifiers, designed specifically for the job, will enable the experienced plater to reach very tight tolerances and controls, and are much more convenient than the bulb method.

Need Help Choosing Your Power Supply. Use Our New Rectifier Selection Tool

  • USB Brush Plating Power Supply Kit

    USB Powered Brush Plating Power Supply Kit

    Our new Brush Plating power and lead kit allows you to plate anywhere, anytime. Simply plug the USB transformer into a battery power pack, phone charger, computer or most other USB compatible power supplies and then dial in the voltage required. It will...
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