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Metal Antiquing

Use these products to antique or change the color of most metals, without power or heat in most cases. Just dip.

To get help choosing a solution, visit our Metal Finishing Solutions Page.

  • Alodine 120 Brush on Kit

    Alodine 120 Brush on Kit

    Gives an iridescent, golden finish on aluminum. Includes enough material to cover approx 100 square feet. Includes One quart of Deoxidine 605 One quart of Alodine 1201 Two polyethylene 250 mL breakers One nylon brush Passivates aluminum. Gives...

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  • Alodine 1201 - QT

    Alodine 1201 - QT

    Nonflammable, chromic acid-based, coating chemical that will produce a chrome conversion coating on aluminum and its alloys. The coating formed by Alodine® 1201™ is gold to tan in color and it becomes a part of the aluminum surface. This chrome...

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  • Alodine 871 Touch up Pen

    Alodine 871 Touch up Pen

    Ideal for applying a conversion coating on small areas of aluminum. Also good for repairing small areas of bare aluminum. Contains Alodine 871 conversion coating in a convenient, magic marker format. Clear to light blue color Air dries. 

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